Your wedding day is near and you planned everything on your own, visited the venue and chose the suppliers because you need to keep everything under control, you are creative and you are lucky enough to have free time to prepare party favors, placeholders and all the details.

Who will make sure that everything is perfect for your celebration and that your guests wait for you inside the church and not outside? Who will fix the seat chart and arrange the sweet table making everything going smoothless? Who will coordinate the suppliers and take care of your guests? Who will make sure that event schedule is met?

Your desire is to make your dreams come true but who will take care of making it so?

Probably your friends or one of your relatives available to but, maybe, you did not think about two things:

they are your guests and they should enjoy the party just as the others do and they are
emotionally involved so they could easily be distracted and they are not skilled enough to solve problems.




ELuckily, I’ve got just the thing: Wedding Coordination service!

During your wedding day, the coordinator will take care of everything down to the last details just as you planned it, supervising the entire flow and controlling that the schedule is perfectly met.

Furthermore, you will have a privileged speaker accountable for everything concerning the organisation of your wedding day.

If you want to make sure that everything is in order just as you planned it and fully enjoy
your special day, do not give up on the idea of hiring a wedding coordinator!

Melania Millesi WP