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My job is to make your wedding memorable. I am always happy to receive many thank you letters from couples that hired me as their wedding planner. Here are some:

More than an ordinary Wedding Planner. Melania is full of energy and committed to make our dreams as couple come true. Professional, honest, supportive and lovely, we found a true friend in her. Being a wedding planner is more than a job, it is her passion, it’s all right there in her eyes while she manage everything down to the last detail. She impressed us since the first meeting. We never had any doubts about choosing her as our wedding planner, we would hire her a thousand times! We can’t wait to have another beautiful event to celebrate with you, Melania.

Gianluca & Veronica

Catania, Italy

Melania makes dreams come true. Even if we were a little bit concerned, Melania handled all the arrangements competently, calmly and with an ever present smile. What she made for us went above and beyond our expectations. She was always by our side and she guided us when we felt a little bit lost. Capitalising on her suggestions, we achieved a surprising result. Hiring her was the best choice we could have ever made. Besides having organised and managed all the partners that worked for us,
Melania created a wonderful tableau the mariage. What to say? Highly recommended! Thank you Melania, for everything you did for us.
We love you.

Graziana & Claudio

Catania, Italy

Who is Melania? She is THE wedding planner!
From the very beginning there was this instant connection that soon blossomed into a friendship. Thanks to her stunning professionalism, meticulousness, spontaneity, simplicity and most of all patience she made our ideas and desires come true.
Every detail of our wedding was magic like in a Fairytale! Most importantly, thanks to Melania, we were truly able to relax and fully enjoy the day. It was incredible how seamlessly and unobtrusively you fitted into the day
with your smile and ability to took all the stress and worry away. Thank you, you will you’ll always have a place in our hearts.

Your “sparkling” newlyweds

Marco & Tamara

Catania, Italy

Melania is amazing! She is the dream wedding planner that everybody should hire to organise one of the most beautiful day of their life! We were lucky to live with her this beautiful experience and I can tell you that we had lot of fun. After a first crackling meeting our collaboration has begun…yes, it was a true collaboration because Melania is always there for her couples. She advised and supported us in very stressful moments and with discreetness and love she fullfilled our whishes. Melania handled everything so superbly that we were truly able to relax and fully enjoy the day. She makes every event unique! I will always be grateful for the amazing job she did and for all her love, commitment and passion. Melania is amazing just like the team she works with. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Matteo & Rosanna

Catania, Italy

What to say… Melania is simply amazing!
8 months ago, me and my partner decided marry. Since we live in France, we absolutely needed the help of a professional wedding planner. After googling a little bit, we found Melania’s profile. From the first phone call on, I felt like we kind of hit it off in there!She was the only wedding planner to ask me what I really wanted for my wedding. Considering that all the other wedding planners I contacted just listed me their services, that was a point greatly in her favour!She managed to find a magnificent location and a superlative catering.In the following month, Melania was always by our side suggesting unobtrusively the best choices for our wedding and always complying with our desires. She basically planned my wedding through a videocall ! We got married on September 23, 2017 and the result was wonderful. Both my italian and french guest can’t stop commenting how amazing it was.She made the day flow beautifully and we were able to relax and enjoy ourselves. Goodbye stress, brides! Here’s Melania! Thanks to her, we had a fairy-tale wedding. She was not just a professional but a true friend always ready to support you.
I highly recommend her to all those who need someone trustworthy they can lean on.

Chafik & Giancarla

Catania, Italy