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James e Roberta

Quando ho conosciuto Roberta tramite skype, anche a molti chilometri di distanza c’è stato subito feeling! Lei molto pratica, decisa e con le idee chiare… Per il suo matrimonio voleva qualcosa di moderno e lineare ma allo stesso tempo romantico e colorato da abbinare ad una location con una vista mozzafiato!!!


Federico e Alice

Quando Federico e Alice sono venuti nel mio atelier sono stati tre i punti fermi richiesti
1. con noi ci saranno i nostri cani
2. menù totalmente vegano,
3. per i nostri 20 ospiti vorremmo qualcosa di semplice ma non scontato.

Obiettivo centrato!

Superhero Party

You got to live life like a Superhero,  this is what the quote on the birthday party favors that Roberto gave to all its guests.

Jurassic Party

This is my personal interpretation of theme party… Every little detail has to be meticulously designed, planned and delivered to create a truly unique birthday celebration! The party is all about the children however, many children’s birthday parties are a great excuse for parents to have a get-together and a party too.

In this party everybody was thrown in a fantastic world!

Pirates Party

Pirates, treasures, sharks and mermaids populated this incredible birthday, in which young and old lived an incredible adventure.


5th Wedding Anniversary

A love promise comes from the awareness of your will to stay together for the rest of your lives. In Italy, the fifth wedding anniversary is called “Nozze di Legno”, literally Wood Wedding Anniversary. The wood as strong material is the symbol of stability.

The couple asked me for fuchsia as prevalent color but I added a touch of red!


Evento Lattonedil

Who says that corporate events are sad and boring…should look at the photos and eat this word back!!

Sofia’s Baptism

Every life path is full of choices… My sweet Sofia, I wish you that yours will be full of love.

Your Auntie


Luca & Alessandra

Sometimes reality is better than dreams. This is indeed the case of this exclusive “Christmas” wedding. For this amazing wedding couple I decided to highlight Sicily!


Salvo & Alessandra

The amazing location of their wedding was love at first sight for Salvo and Alessandra. It was just this wonderful palace and its features to define the color of the whole event!