Gocce di …Esperienza! L’Abito…

OToday I would like to give a tip to all the brides-to-be who are going to choose their wedding dress, the thing that really makes a bride feel amazing on her big day.
When you will go to an atelier for the first time,you will probably know the exact specifications you want for your wedding dress down to the last sequin but you’ve likely never even tried one on before.

My tip does not concern the wedding dress itself but who should take with you. The person who will be next to you will influence your decision! Don’t be afraid to hurt someone, he/she will understand.

If you hired a wedding planner the problem is solved! She will be able to suggest you the right dress and will help you to choose the dress that best fits the mood and style of your wedding day.

If you did not hire a wedding planner, when it comes to your wedding dress shopping entourage, remember that less is more. It may be tempting to include all of your friends in this experience, but any more than one or two can cause decision-time confusion. Too many opinions may do more harm than good. The person you will bring to you should be someone whose opinion you truly respect and want and that can help lift you up while keeping it real.

Once you’ve narrowed down your selections, you can bring in other people, telling them that these are your favorites and that you need their help for your final choice.

Andate con i parenti e amici la seconda volta, quando vi sarete fatta un’idea più chiara di ciò che vi piace e soprattutto di ciò che vi sta bene e che vi fa star bene! Sarete più sicure di voi stesse e accettereste di buon grado i consigli, perché già sapete cosa non vi piace assolutamente e cosa vi potrebbe piacere! In ogni caso non andate mai con troppe persone, è già difficile scegliere da sé figuriamoci con più teste… e poi vogliamo togliergli il piacere dell’effetto sorpresa??!!

Before you make an appointment, check what dresses a bridal boutique carries and see if they meet the look and style you’re after, while most boutiques have a range of styles, some will carry only classic styles, others vintage and some will be more high-fashion. And most of all make sure that they are honest enough to suggest you a dress that fits and highlights your beauty and body shape.

And last but not least:
1) Do not try on too many dress for the sheer pleasure of it.
2) Buy your wedding dress after you’ve already chosen the mood and location of your wedding.
3) Be patient! Don’t get discouraged, you may visit several stores and try on dozens before you find ‘The One’.


Melania Millesi WP